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By low on May 18, 2004 - 12:50am

come home, and eventually you will learn the answer that's been sitting there in black plastic since 6:34, but you didn't get it until 12:42

At Least Five Canucks in World Cup

By Richard Eriksson on May 17, 2004 - 1:01pm

Heard this on the radio before I read about it in a weblog (I still get a healthy percentage of my news from weblogs now, though), but here's Tom Benjamin on the Canucks that are participating in the World Cup of Hockey this August:

Markus Naslund and Matthias Ohlund were automatic selections, of course, so the Canucks will have at least five players in the tournament with four Swedes [which includes Henrik and Daniel Sedin] and Ed Jovanovski. Swede Suprise

Derek Miller on Developing a Standards-Compliant Website for a Small Company

By Richard Eriksson on May 17, 2004 - 12:45am

In a three-part series now with their own static pages, Derek Miller has written an excellent summary of his and his colleagues efforts to design and maintain a standards-compliant internal website with matching external website. In the first article of the series, he lists the team members, which includes Vancouver's Dave Shea who blogs at the excellent Mezzoblue, Bill Dobie, and Bill's cousin Nathan Dobie and discusses what how they prepared. In the second piece, Derek says that weblogs are the easy way out (in the future, people will just assume you have a weblog on your website), and so are going slow and using modules to write chunks of code or content that repeat often throughout a site. Part three discusses the ever-important content of a site, keeping in mind the need for good copywriters who understand a market or a subject well. The web needs good writing, so despite the jokes, those with Humanities degrees will find that they didn't waste their money and time in college while others was getting their Computer Science degrees or MBAs.

Andrew Chang's Serenepia has beautiful photos

By Roland Tanglao on May 16, 2004 - 10:02pm

Over at Serenepia, Andrew Chang is photo blogging some excellent pictures like Tomatoes and Peppers and Tank

Vancouver City Chase Pictures

By Boris Mann on May 16, 2004 - 9:51pm

I can't say I have a ton of pictures of the Vancouver City Chase, but I just happened to be walking along Broadway and saw these two participants outside the Bell store:

City Chase

Notes on Chapter Three of The Corporation by Joel Bakan: The Externalizing Machine

By Richard Eriksson on May 16, 2004 - 2:53pm

Bakan continues the theme of the corporation as having a psychopathic character and discusses how corporations prefer to externalize costs, making unconnected third-parties pay for (or benefit from) the corporations transactions. The most obvious externality is the negative effect corporations have on the environment, but Bakan focusses instead on specific examples on non-environmental externalities, such the logic of General Motors pricing in lawsuits for motor vehicle accidents rather than making them safer, since it costs less per-vehicle-produced to pay legal penalties and fees than it does to, say, ensure that gas tanks do not explode in an impact. Other externalities include the driving down of labour costs in third-world companies and effectively making prisoners out of the workers.

Ray Anderson makes another appearance, this time to acknowledge that corporations have external costs on people, and—in a repeat of the most remarkable part of the movie—tells the story of how he came about his company's environmental vision when he was to give on the subject.

The difficulty, Anderson quickly realized, was that "I didn't have an environmental vision. ... I began to sweat," he recalls. "Oh my, what to say?" Desperate for material and inspiration, he began to read a book about ecology. There he came across the phrase "the death of birth," a description of species extinction. "It was a point of a spear into my chest," he now recalls," and I read on, and the spear went deeper, and it became an epiphnal experience, a total change of mind-set for myself and a change of paradigm." "We're all sinners, we're all sinnerrs," says Anderson today of his position as a corporate chief. "Someday people like me will end up in jail." But he now rejects as dangerously miguided the beliefs he once shared with the large majority of business leader—"that nature is unlimited, the earth...a limiltless source for raw material, a limitless sink into which we can send our poisins and waste"; "that the relevant timeframe is my lifetime, maybe my working life, but certainly not more than my lifetime"; and the market's invisible hand will take care of everything. The market alone cannot provide sufficient constraints on corporations' penchant to cause harm, Anderson now believes, because it is "blind to ... externalities, those costs that can be externalized and foisted off on somebody else."

The "Omission" of Todd Bertuzzi on Team Canada

By Richard Eriksson on May 15, 2004 - 7:48pm

Tom Benjamin on why Wayne Gretzky excluded Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi from the lineup he (Gretzky) is fielding for the World Cup in August:

I have to believe Gretzky talked to Bettman and Campbell and was told in no uncertain terms that Bertuzzi was not going to be allowed to play. A suspension that was already too harsh just got harsher.No Bertuzzi

Ed Jovanovski is the only member of the Vancouver Canucks on Team Canada's roster. Brendan Morrison and Matt Cooke won a world championship for Team Canada in Prague, and Morrison is included in the "shadow" Team Canada.

The Quiet Place

By low on May 13, 2004 - 11:06pm

The phone was disconnected on Thursday, who needs it anyway. Just brings bad news. Last night was alright. I did a solo pub crawl up Granville St, drinking and smoking my way to 8pm. I went to the quiet place for a bit and listened in on a couple discussing their relationship. They had not been together long, and the woman had just left a guy who threatened suicide on a regular basis. They talked about their future together, she told him how she didn't want her ex anymore, and that she would never do anything to hurt him. She was nothing to look at, but I was jealous anyway. After awhile the woman looked at me and asked if I was listening to them. I told her that it was hard in a place this quiet to not hear what people are saying. Then she asked me for one of my Camels.

This is an excerpt from Low's - Stories Big and Tall, a personal and anonymous Vancouver blog. Read more at

Ads in 'Vancouver Blogs' box on the right will be removed

By Roland Tanglao on May 13, 2004 - 11:10am

Our apologies for the ads (prefixed by 'ADV:') on the right hand side. They were added by the free service that we used to create the feeds,

I have removed the feeds and will replace them with feeds that don't have ads. The ads should be gone by the end of the day.

Storyeum - Vancouver Courier's story

By Roland Tanglao on May 13, 2004 - 10:52am

Here's the Vancouver Courier's story on the Storyeum that I mentioned yesterday, Danny's story.

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