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Question Everything: What do bloggers do on weekends ?

Question Everything: What do bloggers do on weekends ?

By Ray on October 28, 2005 - 5:55pm

What do bloggers do on weekends? Where do they go?
Are a lot of our bloggers doing their blogging during
the week, when they perhaps ought to be doing their
homework? Is that why some of them can't spell or have
no idea about how to tell a story?

During the weekday evenings, I've noticed that up to
four hundred visitors may be surfing the site, and
a good average is about 120 to 140. On weekends, though,
this seems to drop off considerably. Is blogging just
a week-night thing? Something to keep yourself entertained
until the weekend rolls around, and the serious fun begins?

So, where are all the bloggers on weekends? Are they
doing all that on the boss's computer from work, or
what? If they are, then this defeats the purpose of it.
Blogs are supposed to be something more than an idle
pastime between work assignments, or homework sessions.
It also helps if you have something interesting to say,
and tell us about it entertainingly. You could start
right about now....

Submitted by Roland Tanglao on October 30, 2005 - 10:59pm.

Roland Tanglao


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