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But I love chicken!

But I love chicken!

By Boris Mann on April 6, 2004 - 3:23pm

This doesn't just affect Vancouver, the fall out is global.

So what are the BC poultry farmers going to do? They're going to spray all their farms with massive doses of chemical poisons, wait six months, and start up all over again. They plan no changes whatsoever to their operations.
How to Save the World (Dave Pollard): When will they ever learn?

(Emphasis from the original)

It's information like this that makes me strongly question whether I want to continue eating commercially-produced meat.

Of course, like the cattle farmers, they want massive subsidies and compensation from the Canadian taxpayers, to finance the repeat of this folly.

I would love for this to be part of the issues in the next election. I'm all in favour of groups like [weblink:], which encourage sustainable practices and local producers.

A "cartoon" version of what Dave talks about with respect to factory farms can be seen at The Meatrix. Is this the only way that people can "consume" this type of information?

In any case, read all of Dave Pollard's article, then let's try and find a way out of this mess together.

I've already heard of a group of Saskatchewan cattle producers that have banded together to supply their products more directly. First they are looking in their own backyard, providing fresh, non-factory raised beef to local restaurants.

Next, they are willing to ship packaged beef anywhere in the country, cutting out the middlemen. Anyone want to order half a cow?

(No, seriously -- leave a comment if you would be interested in some quality cuts of beef in large quantities)


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