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Weasel out of Diamond Parking Ticket

Weasel out of Diamond Parking Ticket

By uncleweed on July 27, 2006 - 2:26pm

Whilst parking in a store's lot after  hours, (Staples in North Van for the record), i was awarded a ticket by Diamond Parking ($65).  They efficiently followed up with a bonus prize of $30 + $1.14 for a total of $96.14 (yikes) - all due last week sometime.

I (obviously) do not wish to pay this absurd fee and wondering if anyone has experience dealing with Diamond one way or another. 

Did you fight the ticket?  Did you get towed from their lot?  Did they make a court stink?  What's was their plan of action?  Comments ...



Submitted by jaded (not verified) on October 22, 2007 - 12:26pm.

Hello all:

I have a physical disability. I attempted to park in the last remaining disabled parking stall at 4311 Hazelbridge Way. (Mall in Richmond) Upon my return, 15 minutes later I discovered a parking ticket on my windshield. It was then that I noticed the not so clear RCMP parking only sign amongst the disabled stalls. I understand that the RCMP must get their donuts, and/or mustaches trimmed regularly so I am not questioning their need to take up space in the row of disabled parking stalls, however, I am faced with the 96.01 parking ticket. Yesterday I received an automated call from Wiggins Adjustments (collections!) I pressed 3 indicating I was not home.
Today I am going to send off my 65.00 to Imperial parking with an explanation of my situation. I am not going to include "costs" or interest charges. If Wiggins Adjustments phone again I have instructed my family not to answer.

Have you realize that in this so called free country we have more restrictions than is reasonable. Speeding tickets, parking tickets, towing charges - just more ways to keep the average public poor, and thus creating a never ending reliance on corporate Canada for jobs whule supplying them with a workforce.

Who ever established that money is restitution for breaking the law, or societal rules? Doesn't it make more sense to return to the community through volunteer efforts? How is it fair that a student making a few dollars pays the same fine as an executive of a large company? There's my rant!

Submitted by Ray on July 27, 2006 - 4:26pm.

That whole complex, which once-upon-a-time was known
as the International Plaza Hotel, sits on and is owned
at least in part by the Squamish Indian Band. They don't
particularly like us Palefaces, so if I were you, I'd try
to find another place to park.
Have you tried the lot at Kal Tire just down the block?
There's not much going on there after business hours....
And how would I know? I live at Woodcroft, just a couple
of blocks up Cap Road and in a block, and I'm fairly
familiar with the neighbourhood. There has got to be a
parking spot where you won't get dinged for a hundred bucks.

Submitted by SherBear (not verified) on August 15, 2007 - 4:40pm.

Like so many of you, I had received a ticket, on my windshield while vsiting Steveston in Richmond. This was mid April. Unlike many of you though, I was there and did park in their lot. There was a sign that read it was a private lot specifically for the patrons of certain establishments in the area, which were also named on the sign. The sign stated that you had 3 hours for parking as long as you were a patron of one of the listed places of business. While this is not exactly ver batem, that is what the sign said.
Ok well I happen to love the little Blenz Coffe shop there and have parked in that same lot many times before this day. This coffee shop is one of the listed shops on the sign.
I also happened to have my little Yorkie with me. After parking as usual, I took her out because she obviously needed to go and I just walked around the corner ( like how long does it really take for a dog to pee???) and across the street to a patch of grassy area and let her do her thing :D
I then came back and there was a ticket on my windsheild! Already! It had to have been prefilled except for the license Plate # for them to have it there so fast! I looked around, mortified that someone was actually in hiding somewhere spying on me! I was in shock that it had all happened in so little time and also very unnerved that someone would be watching ( obviously from the shadows )it all left me feeling kind of creeped out.
I personally do not see a difference between getting my coffee before or after my dog does her thing around the corner. The sign says 3 hours!
Ok back to Diamond Parking. They sent me a notice in which the fine had of course increased saying it was because I had not paid it immediately or by the specified date. I talked to 2 friends and my husband, all of whom were surprised that they do this thing with having people watch each car and driver, and they said not to worry. It is a matter of principle to me and I stand by my principles.
Well they then had the 'account' sent to Wiggens Adjustments. A man called my house from Wiggins to explain I now owed just over 101.00 and would I like to pay now. I declined and then explained what had happened. He said I did not have a good reason not to pay. He told me that even if it was my grandmother in a wheelchair who had to go pee, I would get the ticket for walking off the lot. I explained that you have to actually walk off the lot to get to the damn coffee shop too! It is across the street from the lot. He said that even if I went to the coffee shop first and bought my coffee, that once I left that shop I would have had to immediately go to my car and move off the lot! So much for 3 hours... he said you can spend that 3 hours in the establishments only.... which is certainly not specified on the sign. He also told me that yes, people are hired by Diamond Parking to watch cars and the drivers and what they do/where they go... that is their job. We talked back and forth and he offered to reduce my payment to 80.00 I again declined. He said once 4 months had passed ( he called me one day after the 4 months were up, a fact I find rather convenient ) I could no longer dispute the ticket. I said Diamond Parking could take me to court. He said that I would have to be the one to take them to court. He also admitted that it would not affect my credit rating. He went on about how some 80% of people who are contacted about library book returns ( another collection this company oversees ) are liars and say that they already returned the books. He said so many people lie that it hurts the honest ones. I told him I do not believe those super high numbers, and did not appreciate his implication that I was lying. He of course said he had no reason to think I was lying especially considering how adamant I was being. I also said that I refuse to pay just because other people lie after getting a ticket. Maybe taking my puppy to pee isnt the best reason to give a collection agancy ( but as he said it could be my gramma!!! which after he said that I told him I was disgusted at that fact too )but it is the truth and I feel 100% justified in doing what I did before going to get my coffee. Now here is my thing....Once I saw that I was actually being spied on and ticketed without legitimate reason ( in my opinion ) I became upset and also told the coffee company that I was pissed off and would no longer be a customer of theirs because of this action. ( actually not the coffee shops fault but I was upset ). I have no plans to pay but I of course will be writing a letter to both the coffee shop and the Diamond Parking Co.
In the end I said I will not pay ( and I won't. He said that they add 7 cents a day. I said that is 7 cents a day I will not pay. He said so we will just leave it at that... then said he will give me until the end of the month incase I wish to contact Diamond Parking, even though he feels I do not have a good enough reason to walk off the lot. I said fine I am sticking to my principles and that I just cannot believe the world has come to this. End of story.

Submitted by (not verified) on November 7, 2007 - 12:13pm.

I'm not going into the details of my situation. From the stories I've heard on this site it seems the alleged offences are contrived and irrelevant. The bottom line is...if they have specific limitations on the uses of the patron parking (ie. can't take your doggy for a walk first) they are not disclosing it in their parking signs. It is not implied from "Patron Parking Only" that a person isn't allowed to shop at any other stores additional to the implied client. Courts in Canada are still based on common sense, and if diamond parking is targeting people for the purpose of racketeering as opposed to legitimate parking violations, I believe there may be grounds for a class action law suite. Perhaps we should be signing a petition in this forum instead of just venting.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 5, 2008 - 10:34am.

I had the same issue with Diamond in Steveston (lot across from Uchiro restaurant late evening, all businesses closed). No sign for years, than a small sign in the back advising of no parking just pops up one day (did not even notice until searching afterwards). I have seen before outside fitness world where as soon as any parking or other road rule change occurs, they wait in hiding to take advantage of as many people as possible (especially those who had a regular visitation routine). Wiggin's now calling and I plan to ignore on principal. Already advised them they aren't getting. Just have to remember not to park in a Diamond lot again or they say I will be towed. Great idea you had to tell the coffee shop. I will also be advising those companies (who hired them) I don't plan to ever be a customer.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on November 7, 2007 - 12:41pm.
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 4, 2008 - 9:01am.

Why are you people even bothering to discuss this company....throw you tickets in the garbage, ignore the "collection" you really believe that they are going to negatively impact your credit rating? or that they even have that ability?

They are trying to bully and or scare as many people as possible into paying, that is how there business model works...just like Impark....forget them and get on with your life...

Submitted by Neptune on October 26, 2006 - 5:14pm.

Have same problem with Diamond Parking Ltd.
Park in Edmonds Street saturday 16 Sept 2006??, small complex to eat but shop was close, walk across street & came back to car within 5-10mins & notice this was a pay parking lot & since shop was'nt open drove off (no parking fine on windshield)
Guess what? received parking violation notice today 26 oct 2006
for $96.01 break down as
other/walk off $65.00 ????
cost $30.00
interest $ 1.01
What did u do Daveo? pay? did u receive fine on spot?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 21, 2007 - 1:14pm.

I have the same experience of fine by diamond parking ltd. Can you contact with me about how to settle this unreasonable problem?
my phone: 604-321 5369
Thanks for your soon reply.

Submitted by Quest on December 21, 2006 - 11:50pm.

in Richlea Mall in Rmd. Similar lowballing tactics from Diamond Parking (additional $30 collection fee imposed upon her receiving of a late payment notice).

I did some research and found out that Diamond Parking (Same parent company) in Seattle has been suied fyr racketeering in Seattle back in 2002 and was lost. The private company has to cough up/refund the additional collections fee it imposed on many unsuspected/timid drivers:

I bet ya might be able to do something about this similarly with Diamond Parking, and hopefully with enough momentum to force them elsewhere...

Good luck! Please post back with updates.

Submitted by happy duck on December 22, 2006 - 1:40pm.

Diamond Parking is totally trying to scam people! I got a parking violation notice for parking at the above parking lot, but I was not even there on the ticket date. Called Diamond Parking and was told to suck it up b/c I could not provide proof that I was not there. Any suggestions?

Submitted by Ferdinandusz on December 22, 2006 - 1:51pm.

I just received (December 21 2006 after almost two months) a Parking Violation Notice with that questionable $30 Cost.

But you know the weird thing is that I did not even stop at that address just made a turn in that day (10/30/2006) when I received that ghost ticket.
Same case here no parking fine on windshield or whatsoever.

I am trying to contact the company and nobody answers the phone.

So what did you guys did with your tickets?

Somebody did something against this Scam??

Could we contact the media??? like City TV for example or any other station and make public this lowball game of this company.

Probably if the case will be public more people would come forward and support us.

It’s no any consumer protection authority to whom we could go and do something on this repeating abuse?

Submitted by Ferdinandusz on December 22, 2006 - 2:04pm.

I was also in a different place but I can prove it in writing.
Also I was not alone in the car at that time.

How did you managed to speak with them nobody answering the phone even the company line 604 681-8797 from the Denman office just answering machine.

Today I just drove by to see the address where the ticket was writing.

No way to be there at that time not even close.

In my opinion we need to do something about this Scam company.

Submitted by Ferdinandusz on December 22, 2006 - 2:24pm.

We could try to send e-mails to these people and let them know about the abuse of their company.

Feyoun Khan - City Manager & Director of Real Estate

Mike Poirier – Director of Operations

Ian Bailey - Director of Canada

Submitted by Quest on December 22, 2006 - 2:32pm.

If you reference to SFU parking FAQ, Mike Poirier is the main man in the game.

That being said, however, with their rather shady operation, I suspect that the rest of the guys would play you like a fool/chum, whichever you like to be called.

Try them first. If none of them willing to give you a satisfactory answer inc. collection fee of $30CAD (which I'm looking into it's legality), try the old man in Seattle(founder of DP):

You may have to get DEX in Seattle area before you can find him out. And if he claims to be what he is (a reasonable person), he should be able to give some answers to you and the rest of us.

Plse post back if you find anything... (I'll do my part of the hunting )

Submitted by Quest on December 22, 2006 - 2:42pm.

I would stirr up shit to the local police dept, news media and BBB for that matter. With enough momentum, we shall be able to bring something to it (DP).

If there are some local business committees and/or organisations that you can complain to, plse do.

Also: any correspondence with DP, make sure you record their conversations and also keep paper trails for they will do anything to you just to make a quick buck.

Here are some useful URL that we can use for consultation:

which includes "Dial a law":

# Canadian Bar Association BC Chapter

* Dial-A-Law information resources
* Telephone 604.687.4680
or toll free at 1.800.565.5297.

Submitted by happy duck on December 22, 2006 - 3:52pm.

It's useless to call the number listed on the Parking Violation notice - I left two messages and nobody bothered to call me back. I finally got ahold of someone by dialing Diamond Parking's main number 604-681-8797. I think I chose "general inquiries." The operator who answered my call transferred me instantly to an agent. My friend said that Diamond Parking does not have any legal powers to make us pay. The burden of proof should be on them, not the vehicle owners. What's stopping them from showing up at the parking lot, collecting info on cars and licence plates, making up a violation date, and then scamming innocent vehicle owners? They should come up with the proof that my vehicle was there.

Submitted by Quest on December 22, 2006 - 9:05pm.

for they would do anything unimaginable to you and your possessions, even though legally they may not possess such rights in doing so (afterall, they are no better than mobs and racketeers in the 30s in US). All they would do afterwards is "oops! Sorry!" and that was it. What can you do then? shoot them in the face?

Be real and be careful. Have yourself properly covered under the law. Afterall, you are not dealing with ordinary joes here...

Just remember this: we can act together and fight against them. If anyone sees this posting with similar experiences plse register and talk about your experience RE: DP treatment (or mis-treatment). The more bloggers the better.

Submitted by happy duck on December 30, 2006 - 10:11am.

Diamond Parking sent me yet another collection letter. How can these people sleep at night??? Good news is...I have found proof (written proof, too) that I was not even in Richmond at the time the ticket was supposed to have been issued. If Diamond Parking could do this to me, they could have done the same thing to other unsuspecting vehicle owners. We can't let them continue these deceitful business practices. Would the media be interested in a story like this? How can we get more people to come foward to share their bad experience dealing with Diamond Parking?

Submitted by Quest on December 31, 2006 - 5:40pm.

yes, you shall raise the bar up higher and contact the local media (BCTV, CBC, etc.) and see how far you can go.

My further investigation indicated that DP also acted as their own collection agency and thus the additional 30bux when 30 days past.

I agree with you that with such deceitful business practices, their license shall be revoked and banned from operating in B.C., or completely from Canada.

Submitted by happy duck on December 31, 2006 - 6:30pm.

I already sent my complaint to the Richmond RCMP Fraud Department. I will send my story to Richmond Review as well becuase they ran two articles on Nov 25th and 30th, 2006 about vehicle owners unfairly ticketed by Diamond parking. I am going to call Diamond parking on Jan 2nd and see what they have to say about that.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 21, 2007 - 1:26pm.

I have the same experence of fine in diamond parking ltd.Can you contact at 604-321 5369 to talk about it ?

Many thanks for your soon calling


Submitted by Quest on December 31, 2006 - 8:41pm.

thank you happy duck! Best of luck to you.

Please report back your findings, outcomes, etc. I'll be more than willing to listen to (or find means to contribute my part of it).

Submitted by univerio on January 3, 2007 - 10:05pm.

My mom got a $50 ticket from Diamond Parking as well, but then she e-mailed their appeals department and they lowered it to $18 "as a courtesy."

Submitted by Quest on January 5, 2007 - 12:09pm.

truth is, no matter how you look at it, they still "got" your (your mom)'s money, period.

I don't think "courtesy" counts in their daily operation, given their shady operation in the past and all the presently reported case of questionable and deceitful tactics in Vancouver.

Bottomline: come clean or go home (back to seattle, WA). We don't want your business here unless you come clean.

Submitted by Antoine on January 5, 2007 - 5:28pm.

I got a ticket from Diamond Parking in Surrey. The original fine was $54, it got bumped up to $101 with the "collection fee". I was parked at work, they told me it was ok to park in the back lot, but obviously it wasn't. Everybody at work parked there and then we all got fined for it. One guy got eight fines from diamond parking. I asked my boss to fix it and he told me to just ignore it, which I did.

Anyway, Diamond Parking passed the fine onto Wiggins Adjustments Ltd. who never actually got hold of me on the phone, but sent a notice in the post saying if I don't pay the fine in ten days I'm getting sued.

I don't think I can win this one in court so I guess I'm just going to have to pay those extortionist pigs, unless anyone can suggest anything. Anyway, don't give up the fight, try to find out if we can file a class-action lawsuit against Diamond parking like they did in Seattle and make these racketeers cough up the millions of dollars they're bullying us out of.

Submitted by Got tix too (not verified) on April 26, 2007 - 5:39pm.

so did u pay ur fine??? n if not wat happend after that notice???

Submitted by Quest on January 5, 2007 - 8:59pm.

In this case, if what you said is indeed true (RE: parking at the back lot and it wasn't), you may be able to win if you and your colleagues teamed up together to fight against them.

(*assuming that "they" refers to DP)

You shall get some wireless mic or get a small tape recorder to record+ film ("they") again while you pretend to park at the back lot (again) and record their conversations (if they say "ok to park there" even though it isn't). Also notice their mobile license plate # and then bring this matter along with you + your colleague's case and tickets to "dial a claim" and discuss this matter with legal representatives to see what kind of options you have.

You may have a chance in disputing these tickets you know.

As for your boss, tell him that he is a jackass for not defending you and your workers and tell him to go talk to the property management company/landlord about your concerns. Obviously, if he isn't fending you and your workers, he is not good enough to be your boss (and you shall seriously consider working elsewhere)

Ultimately, yes, we shall gather the momentum to get these pigs out of our system, possibly our province/country.

Submitted by ROSSLANDGIRLBB on January 6, 2007 - 11:19pm.

I had a similar experience with Diamond Parking. I just watched a show called underdogs on cbc and they instructed people to go to rip-off on the internet. I will try this. I will not pay this bogus ticket.My husband and my mother and I went to the theater in Pitt Meadows and my mom had an allergy attack and we drove to the superstore which is in the same big mall parking and then to Tim Hortons and then back to the show and no ticket on window but in the mail it arrived. Then a letter from Wiggins I phoned and stated I would not be paying. They could go ahead and take me to court. That was a week ago...................rosslandgirlbb

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 21, 2007 - 1:33pm.

Hi dear

I have the same experience as you. can you tell me did you pay to diamond ltd at last?

I will share with your result.



Submitted by Tyee88 on January 8, 2007 - 12:59pm.

Hi there,
I got a parking ticket a while back from Diamond Parking that was $55. I thought this was unusually high for a parking ticket. I called around, checked the BBB and Vanc Police to see if Diamond was breaking the law by charging so much. Couldn't get any answers. My ticket is now $101 and I haven't paid b/c I've been very suspicious of the company. Has anyone got any new info? Should we consider putting letters together to give to one of the local papers/TV channels - Olson on Your Side???

Submitted by Quest on January 8, 2007 - 2:01pm.


While legally, Wiggins can do very little to you in terms of collecting the money (if you go back to my legal links earlier, there is a section where it explains all the things a collection agency can do within their legal confines). That being said however, they can damage your credit rating and if you are into car loans, mortgages, line of credits, etc. Wiggins may cost you dearly (check your credit rating/report by going to TransUnion site and pay a small fee, or have your bank representatives check it for you (free))


Yes, I agree that their (DP) operation is definitely shady and at this moment, we are trying to gather the momentum (getting everyone whose been dooped by DP) to make things happen. Olson on your side is definitely a good start and so is CBC.

Just like those "payday loan" company in Canada where the Ontario high court has approved the class action lawsuit into investigating/interrogating their legality, we need to have just as many people to speak up (attention) to get a class-action lawsuit against this shady operation for all it's mishandling and deceitful activities and tactics. That way, we can get them out of our system once and for all.

Keep them coming folks, just keep them coming! We need more people to get them out of our system.

p.s. Tyee8- watch out for your credit ratings if they post you to Wiggins...

Submitted by pearllude on January 13, 2007 - 12:29am.

parking violation date: nov. 05/06. location: king george hwy & 104 ave.i parked at the safeway parking lot and not at the diamond pay parking lot, picked-up some groceries and ticket on the windshield. dec 7/06: received parking violation notice (other/walk off) $65 (costs) $30 (interest) $0.75 for a total of $95.75...FINAL COLLECTION NOTICE Jan. 9/2007 $ now or DP will take me to provincial court of bc (small claims) what should i do now? pls. HELP lets get that class-action lawsuit now..

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on August 21, 2007 - 1:38pm.

Hi dear

We have the very same experiece as yours, Can you appeal the diamond together? if you would like, Pls call me

604-321 5369


Submitted by Quest on January 13, 2007 - 9:41pm.

Plse give dial-a-law a call to discuss your options. Personally, I don't think DP has the legal rights to file a lawsuit against you. If you read your ticket contents carefully, they can only "intimidate" their victims into succumbing to paying their so-called fines and can do little other than to wait until you show up in their parkades/lots before they tow you away.

There are many folks here who ignored their last warning notice and the worst that could happen to you is that they will put it through a collections agency (such as Wiggins, see previous postings) and according to Canada/BC law, collections agency cannot phone, call or stalk the person who owes them money. If $$ is successfully reclaimed, DP will cut a portion to Wiggins as a form of service payment.

Remember: there is a $30 that is "unidentifed" in DP's late charges and nobody took the initiatives in questioning them "why" or "what" that is for, and if there's any legality for them to charge the additional $30 extra. This is the same issue where a class action lawsuit filed in Seattle dist which DP subsequently lost. We are working on something similar here and would like to have/see more posters with bad experience with DP to come forward and we'll get something working together here in B.C.(Vancouver) to file a class-action lawsuit or bring these matters to public media's attention (CTV, CBC, etc.)

The more attention they get under media's eye from shady practice, the more people will come forward to express their concerns, and ultimately, we shall have enough people to file for class-action lawsuits against them to chase them out of our system.

Submitted by kennyl on January 24, 2007 - 2:22pm.

I am in the same situation as you guys. I never got a ticket from them but receied a notice of parking violation asking for $96.01. I phoned them up and finally paid $65.00 for settlement.

Of course I am not willing to pay but I don't want trouble. They managed quite a lot of parkade around my usually hang about place around Surrey. I don't want my car towed one day with a cart full of groceries.


Submitted by Quest on February 13, 2007 - 5:47pm.

You realise you are feeding the gouls, don't you?

The more you feed them, the more they become monsters, with arrogance they will randomly take on driver's plate on the road and then fine them for no apparent reasons. Would you like to see DP ruling the surface of Vancouver streets radomly ticketing innocent drivers and parkade users just to make some dishonest bucks?

Like I said before: this site is about the gathering of all the victims of DP and then to deal with them properly (to either straighten them up or kick them out of our system). Raising awareness through blogs is one of the better ways and I'm sure as we go along, we gonna get more and more posters registering here to air their concerns.

Folks, hang in there. We shall overcome DP.

Submitted by vmb on March 6, 2007 - 11:00pm.

First of all, I would like to clear up misinformation conveyed by Ray on July 27, 2006 regarding patrons being unfairly ticketed at the International Plaza and Staples parking lots as the Squamish Indian Band does not like "palefaces." While these particular parking lots may be located on-reserve, the Squamish Indian Band does not own or operate the Diamond Parking Services. Please be mindful of which entity you are reprimanding for bad business practices, or worse, racial discrimination.

That being said, I had recently been ticketed while parking at the International Plaza after hours. I had purchased and was issued a receipt for 1 1/2 hours but within an hour I received a $50 parking violation notice for failing to dispense a flat rate ticket. Why is it that the Diamond Parking dispenser issues receipts that are not deemed valid by Diamond Parking?

Submitted by datasunny on March 8, 2007 - 7:42pm.

if u guys come up a class action lawsuit.

Submitted by chocaholic on March 13, 2007 - 11:50pm.

I too received a ticket from Diamond Parking in late 2006. Some gal actually came to my home and personally dropped off the violation notice in my mail slot! Can't believe they have the time to do that! They want to make darn sure that I received their ticket. I happened to be looking out the window and watched as she approached my home with the envelope. I phoned to dispute and talked to some crabby gal who sounded like she deals with complaints all day. She refused to cancel the ticket saying I couldn't prove anything. I never paid and don't plan to pay the ticket, couple of months later, they mailed me their last warning notice. I'm curious if anyone has experienced anything from Diamond Parking after receiving their last warning notice?

Submitted by Quest on March 20, 2007 - 4:55pm.

for the consequence for not "sucking up" to DP is that they will pass your call to collections agency (i.e. Wiggins) to go after you.

Again, the consequences, legal options, advise, etc. are all posted here so plse find time to read up.

Submitted by Death_to_Parkin... on March 26, 2007 - 10:17pm.

Count me in as another victim. I just got my ticket from these toads this afternoon. Same story as some other folks on this forum.

1. No ticket on my dash/window/car etc.
2. Just a "ticket" in my mailbox.
3. I didn't even use their stalls.

How does this work exactly??? Do these people actually follow the laws in British Columbia when they do business? First of all, no ticket on the car? Are these people making their own rules? Seems like it. And how did this whole thing go down exactly? What, they have someone sitting in a car somewhere writing down people's license plates at random?

I particularly like this statement on the "PARKING VIOLATION NOTICE":

"Diamond Parking Ltd. would like to settle this matter in a mutually satisfactory manner." Well, I got news for you, you people are thieves. I didn't EVEN PARK in your lot! The only thing that would satisfy me is if you back off completely, which I highly doubt they will do. This is absolutely ridiculous.

The ticket I was issued was for parking at the Safeway lot on Kingsway and Tyne in Vancouver. The ticket is an out-and-out fraud. I've been going to that Safeway for just under 4 years now (my apartment is nearby). I park in the same area of the Safeway lot consistently. About a year ago, a small section on the east side of the Safeway parking lot was switched over and became a payable section, operated by our antagonists, Diamond Parking Ltd. Now, I ALWAYS avoid that part of the lot, and park in only 1 section of the lot closer to the Safeway building. So I know for a fact they simply wrote down my plate number and sent this friendly little notice off to me to try to get me to lie down and take it. And I'm not going to. The "infraction" is listed as "OTHER/WALK OFF" - $65. Plus "Costs" $30, "Interest" (Give me a friggin break) $.97 for a grand rip-of total of $95.97.

So basically, I am 100% certain I didn't park in that section of the lot, but since I don't take a digital photo of my car every time I friggin park it, I have no proof which spot I was in. What a joke this is.

I've read up on all the things on this forum. Thanks to all for posting. I'll be looking into all the good ideas here and I will do whatever I can to smoke these rats out and post back here once I find out more info.

Submitted by Death_to_Parkin... on March 30, 2007 - 11:38pm.

Hello, again

Well, I called the good people at Diamond Parking. They were typically annoying to deal with. They asked me for proof that I wasn't in the lot on that day. I was in the Safeway lot, but went off the lot after I went into and shopped at the Safeway. One of the Diamond Parking guys was patrolling the lot and spotted me walking off the lot for a few minutes, thus the ticket.

I spoke with the folks at Safeway, and they kindly voided the ticket for me when I explained that I was in the store on that day, and they warned me NOT to walk off the lot while at Safeway. The rule is really there for people who REALLY abuse the lot, parking there then going out to restaurants or shopping down the street at other stores etc. In other words, cheapos who want to avoid parking meters etc. So, in my case, no harm no foul.

But this has taught me a lesson about those wonderful Diamond Parking folks. AVOID them like the plague, and be on the lookout for their lots, because their people are patrolling them and watching you like a hawk.

caveat emptor! GOOD LUCK TO ALL.

Submitted by MANNY (not verified) on December 13, 2007 - 9:52pm.

I have the same story & instance. Which Safeway Store did you deal with? I went to Safeway Customer Service & did'nt get the same treatment like you do. I was asking if they can help me solve this ticket fine & what I get is an unfriendly customer service. She even raised her voice & saying words that I'm not implying. Our usual routine is drop my wife infront of the store then I will go to the same parking location near another store or sometime when I'm alone I will go the small store first then to Safeway. It's been like that for years & this is the first time I got in trouble with Parking Fine. They ask me to show a reciept/bill to prove that I bought something in Safeway, how can I produce that? I don't have a credit card & I don't keep reciept, who does? I recieved their first notice/collection after almost 2 months. I been going to thier store for a long time but not regularly & this is what I got. That unfriendly manner of that lady in Customer Service is really BAD. We are thinking that Safeway & Diamond Parking are IN CAHOOTS to rip-off not soo loyal customer....I'm planning not to pay the FINE... Folks in the blogs are right about Diamonds Customers Assistance........ THEY ARE REALLY BAD PEOPLE... KARMA!!!!

Submitted by logitech (not verified) on April 11, 2007 - 5:55pm.

Around Sept 2006, I was in the richmond area, shopping and when I came back to the car, I've got no parking ticket on the windshield. Few weeks(or months I don't recall exactly) later, I got the notice in the mail from DP saying I illegally parked at one of their property. So, thinking it was a government agency, I went to ICBC but the people in ICBC told me that I don't have to pay for it. So, I have not replied to any of their warning until I got a letter from Wiggins. The car was registered under my mother's name so she was paranoided, and told me to call them to arrange a payment. But when I called them, I found out that the ticket was for a "WALFOFF." What a joke?

I hope we can gather around enough people to get DP out of Vancouver once and for all.

Submitted by Priscilla Williams (not verified) on April 18, 2007 - 11:06am.

1766 Robson St Van. 50.00 COSTS: 30.00 INTEREST: .54 cents! total 80.54
YEA right! I dont even Have a Drivers Lic.! where do they get off collecting 30.00 COST?? for what? for one there was NO ticket placed on my window to a truck a DONT drive?! U can take me to court for the measly thing!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 20, 2007 - 12:10am.

I see that I'm not the ONLY ONE.

Several months ago, I was taking the kids to GOING BANANAS in Surrey. I pulled into the lot, read the DP sign (the DP sign stated that there was 2 hr free parking for certain addresses), and not knowing the address of GOING BANANAS, I hesitated for several minutes in the parking stall. While waiting, I noticed a car pull out of the lot in front of GOING BANANAS, so I pulled forward and parked in front of GOING BANANAS.

After 2 hours at GB, we returned home. Six weeks later, I received a note in the mail. Ignoring this situation for several weeks, we had several nasty letters from Wiggins. The final letter from Wiggins stated that they were going to send this issue to LEGAL. Still ignoring this, I have heard nothing since.

I plan to check my credit rating in a few months to see if they have done anything about this issue: and if they have, I am planning to send DP a bill for several thousand dollars to cover the legal costs of clearing this issue up. If they don't pay, I am planning to send the BAILIFF over to DP to collect. See how they like that?

Submitted by zeny (not verified) on April 20, 2007 - 8:48pm.

I got parking ticket on april 14 at 12:26pm. My parking meter still had 35min to go when I came back to my car. My referance no. is 20142031.The street sign says no parking mon to fri but it was saturday.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on April 23, 2007 - 9:58pm.

I got a parking ticket on April 23 while eating at BP in burnaby. When I pulled into the lot it was pretty busy as it was the 7th game for the canucks so I drove around to see part of the parking lot was empty, when I pulled into a spot there was a sign saying that this parking lot was for customers for certain businesses.
I backed out and went back into what I thought was the other parking lot as the first DP sign was 10 stalls away from where I then parked and I assumed that the sign was the start of the parking lot as that would make sense and there were no other ways to determine where one parking lot started and one ended. SO after eating I come out to find a $50 dollar ticket for walking off the lot.
This is garbage there was no markings showing where the parking lots start and end and I was closer to the restaurant than the other stores. I will be emailing DP about this but from past posts it appears it will do me no good. I will also be going to teh stores who have DP as the parking lot police and complaining to them as they are in this scam as well and letting them know that if I have to pay this I wil be not using there stores anymore and will be letting all my friends to stay away from them.

Submitted by naz (not verified) on April 25, 2007 - 5:41pm.

I am appalled woth DP...I parked for under 5 minutes at a vacant parking lot to go into a store to pick something..I was ticketed within minutes & now I have got a notice to say my ticket from $65 has escalated to $96...this is nothing but robbery..I know how collection agencies work...they will chase after u for a while & then give up & close the file...the only thing they can do is wreck your credit


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