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Round 2 Predictions? Consensus Says Ducks in 6, Sacha Says 5

Round 2 Predictions? Consensus Says Ducks in 6, Sacha Says 5

By Richard Eriksson on April 25, 2007 - 3:52pm

After the Canucks won in the two most exciting periods I'd seen in a long time (the second and the third), I'm still left with a few questions:

  • who's playing hurt? Remember when Naslund played hurt and resorted to slapshots in the previous playoffs? People are saying Sami Salo is banged up, but I think that's just because of the trip in Game 7, which looked to me like it knocked the wind out of him (and no doubt bruised his back). Naslund seems okay, playing the role he played all season, stepping up the defensive and physical game possibly at the expense of the offensive game.
  • I read in the papers that Cooke might make it back for Round 2, but when? And are we going to see Kesler at all this year?
  • are the Canucks going to change their game like so many predict? Obviously you adjust to each team, but can a team have more than one system?
  • are we going to see vintage Brian Burke, master of misdirection?

Got predictions for the series? High-scoring or low-scoring? Duck or Canucks? And in how many games? Sacha has the odds for each possible outcome (for who wins the series and in how many games) and thinks the Ducks will take it in 5 but isn't placing bets.

No live Canucks Outsider for the first few games, but we're lobbying to have it again, and Urban Vancouver will syndicate it at the top of the site when we do. For now, I'm going to grab a tasty beverage and enjoy the at-least-4-more-games we get of the local hockey squadron.


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