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The Art of Dying with Swami Vivekananda

The Art of Dying with Swami Vivekananda

By Prana Yoga Teac... on September 25, 2007 - 11:29am

Oct 18 2007 - 9:00am
Oct 20 2007 - 4:00pm

The Art of Dying

An enlightened approach to death and dying. Explore the Tibetan Bardo Thodol rites and training. Lectures, initiations, meditations, practice, Hatha Yoga.

This workshop could be the first in the world to address a very important gap in modern times: the spiritual preparation for death, one of life’s greatest passages.

Today, especially with the secularization of daily life, we are witnessing an appalling carelessness about the phenomenon of death, as well as a deep spiritual ignorance about its meaning, which is illustrated most often by the cloud of taboo and embarrassment surrounding the subject. The contrast between our great attention to birth – a new child benefiting from both the assistance of its mother and qualified medical personnel or midwives in an air of celebration – and our cold, medical treatment of the dying is reason enough to highlight the need for this workshop. The Art of Dying intends to change this focus, not only to teach an understanding of the process of death using the Bardo Thodol, the centuries-practiced Tibetan manual of dying, but also to provide training to pass to the other side in a spiritual manner and to help others go through this process.

Yogis consider that dying is a very important process from the standpoint of one’s spiritual evolution and future destiny. Therefore, we accept that we will first learn the process of death, and consequently we will train for it so that when it arrives, we are prepared to look it in the eye and make the best of it, spiritually, beneficially. Hence, the first purpose of the course is to train individuals to eliminate fears, to identify and recognize the process of death, to do away with misunderstandings, and to be given yogic training to prepare for death during this lifetime using methods both from Indian and Tibetan Yoga. Aside from this, the course has the ambitious goal to train people not only to deal with their own death – mastering the tools offered, and producing effects energetically to assist in their own deaths – but at the same time to learn to help loved ones die more easily, more happily, more consciously, and with more dignity. It is envisioned that the course may inspire students toward an interest or vocation in a new spiritual era of hospice care. Thus, people who perhaps did not train at all spiritually in life may be helped to a more spiritual fate.

The course will use physical methods from Yoga, breathing technology, mantras, secret tantric meditations, Tibetan techniques, methods from parapsychology, as well as a wide array of other resources, such as shamanic processes.

Registration Required: 604.676.8812

The Art of Dying

Dates: (Inclusive, one hour break from 12 - 1, lunch not provided)

October 18th (9am - 4pm)
October 19th (9am - 4pm)
October 20th (9am - 4pm)
Location: Prana Yoga & Zen Centre (1083 Cambie St.)
Instructor: Swami Vivekananda Saraswati
$290 + gst

*If paying in full for all of Swami Vivekananda's workshops in advance receive a $390 discount = $1200 + gst

*discounted payment subject to 25% refundable cancellation policy


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