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Raincity Studios acquires Bryght

Raincity Studios acquires Bryght

By Roland Tanglao on November 20, 2007 - 11:12pm

Some may know that Urban Vancouver is run by Bryght and that I am one of the founders of Bryght. I am happy to announce that Bryght was acquired by Raincity Studios who we have partnered closely with over many years. What does this mean for Urban Vancouver? Nothing! Business as usual.

What does this mean for Gastown? Well we're hiring :-) !

From the official Raincity Acquires Bryght Announcement:

With great enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce that Raincity Studios has acquired the (almost-legendary) Drupal pioneer company, Bryght. The companies have enjoyed a longtime collaboration offering complementary services as they've grown professionally together. Our cultures and personalities are a great match and everyone around here is eager to see what we can create together.


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