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World Poetry welcomes Sultan Khilji, a talented poet and artist from Lahore, Pakistan to our site!!

World Poetry welcomes Sultan Khilji, a talented poet and artist from Lahore, Pakistan to our site!!

By worldpoetry on November 7, 2012 - 11:00am

Ariadne’s notes: We are so pleased to welcome Sultan Khilji, a talented poet and artist from Lahore, Pakistan to our World Poetry Site!
He will be interviewed live with hosts Ariadne Sawyer and Israel Mota and technician Medhi will welcome Sultan.on the World Poetry Cafe Radio Show on November 6 at www. at 9 pm PST. On November 7th the link will go up so you can download the show. The show is not available yet.

Sultan Khilji is an author and visual artist based in Pakistan. Just the spell of his name has a sense that’s royal, which entails history, shyness, maturity, and yet, is slumber-less. He demands immaculate perfection from himself. Sits and soaks himself with the world around him, and then takes his own time to spell it out in words, which craft poems.

He never claimed to be a poet, so when he pens he does it like he’s doing for the first time, as well as the last. Little afraid, a bit keen, overwhelmed and mesmerized with experience of his observation. He likes to listen to music, – any music. He likes to cook – any dish. He likes to paint – any form. Yet in all three there’s one thing in common – he’s creating poetry.

His book “Word and Vision” (ISBN 976-0-9706658-1-2) – A collection of his poetry, short stories, paintings and photographs, published by Syncronis Publishing, Portland Oregon USA early 2012. It was honored and featured on the shelves of the famous Shakespeare & Co., Paris, France, and went on to receive nomination for an award by the esteemed Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) 2012.

He resides in Lahore with his spouse and two children and, is currently working on putting together his second book of poetry and original art, expected to be out by spring next year.

Written by: Wajid Ali Syed, an award-winning journalist and documentary producer who has worked for leading news organizations in Pakistan, the U.K. and the United States. He lives in Washington, D.C

The rest of his introduction is summed up quite well in one of his poems:


Who am I, but a question hidden in an answer.
Who am I, but a leaf that spring forgot to bear.
Who am I, but a mute echo lost in a scream.
Who am I, but black veiled in white.
Who am I, but a tear concealed in a calculated smile.

Who am I

I am the answer, if you are willing to ask.
I am spring, if you promise never to forget.
I am the voice, if you understand the silence.
I am all the colors, if you wish to see the rainbow.
I am true happiness, if you vow to never break a heart.

I am, if you are.

I am, you, and not you.

(Sultan Khilji © 2012 “Word and Vision” Syncronis Publishing, Portland OR)


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