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Svend Robinson Quits Politics, Takes Medical Leave After Stealing Ring

Svend Robinson Quits Politics, Takes Medical Leave After Stealing Ring

By Richard Eriksson on April 15, 2004 - 12:07pm

The following is the text of my comment on Boris' entry earlier today:

I just watched the news conference on CTV, and he announced that he is stepping down because he pocketed a ring evidently worth $50,000 while at an auction on Good Friday. He is taking medical leave from his job as Member of Parliament and is seeking therapy for emotional stress. He blames his fall in Galiano in 1997 and his reluctance to take time off for himself (the president of the Burnaby-Douglas NDP constituency association said he and Svend's friends and colleagues had urged Svend to take some time off from his duties as MP) and describes his actions on Good Friday as "irrational". Svend is taking responsibility for his actions, is seeking legal advice and the police are investigating.

One of the reporters on CTV was skeptical that charges would be laid, and Keith Baldrey—the only political analyst in BC I respect—opined that this is totally out of character for Robinson.

Andrew Coyne (Canada's Josh Marshall) posts an column about Robinson in 1999 and has this to say about today's press conference:

Apparently, it is for reasons of ill health: he suffers from a rare and debilitating form of kleptomania.Thankyou, Svend, you have delighted us long enough


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