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Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtor - Useful Real Estate Websites

Maria Mak - Burnaby Realtor - Useful Real Estate Websites

By Maria Mak - Sut... on May 24, 2013 - 2:34pm

Technology has been a driving force behind the
transformation of many industries. While real estate remains a people business,
consumers today have access to scores of information that can help them find an
property, a REALTOR® and connect all the dots in between.

Purchasing a home will likely be the most important buying decision you’ll
ever have to make so it is important to do your own research, understand your
rights and find professionals that you are most comfortable working with.

If you’re deciding whether to buy or sell a home, it’s critical that you
understand and properly assess your personal and financial circumstances against
current housing opportunities.

of Canada and other real estate professionals have provided a wealth of
information online to help you understand what opportunities are out there for
you and your family to consider.

Formerly, this is the most comprehensive and
popular real estate listing website in the country.

In 2008, the Canadian Real Estate Association rebranded and re-designed to become This change brought upgraded search functions and
capabilities, which provide a streamlined experience for people using the

If you’re looking for a property in BC, you can search by area or MLS®
number. If you’re looking for a REALTOR®, you can search the province by name,
company or area of specialty.

Learn about the real estate market and homes for sale
in Greater Vancouver and the province.

The online version of this publication, the Realtylink website is an
excellent resource for consumers looking to buy or sell a home in BC. The
website contains a vast range of home listings for properties  across the
province and features indepth walkthrough-style information that everyone should
know when dealing in real estate. If you’re buying, you can find a REALTOR® in
your community or learn more about the mortgage
process and details regarding offers and completion.

If you’re selling, you can learn about establishing your home’s value and how
to prepare it before it goes on the market.

The site also features links to market data and online versions of the
Realtylink In Print newspaper produced for each geographical area in Metro

A wide-ranging, one-stop website for real estate
information. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s website offers
visitors a 360-degree look at local real estate, providing detailed MLS®
statistics, monthly podcasts, consumer guidance and other information and links
related to local real estate.

On the site, you can track home prices in your area, search for a REALTOR®,
read about government initiatives that impact local real estate, and learn about
the various cost-savings programs available for homebuyers and sellers.

The site also features a wealth of consumer information related to buying and
selling a home, from checklists and FAQ’s to market data and community profiles.
One of the most important measures of home value in real estate is the MLS®Link
Housing Price Index (HPI), and this website contains the latest HPI data as well
as a comprehensive breakdown of home values across the region.

A site for consumer protection and industry

The Real Estate Council of British Columbia is the body responsible for
licensing and regulating REALTORS® in BC. Their website is full of valuable
consumer protection information, as well as information on how to become a

One of the most important features of this site is the Complaints and
Discipline section, which allows consumers to file complaints against REALTORS®
and inform themselves about recent disciplinary decisions.

Built and maintained by the Canadian Real Estate
Association, this site is filled with good information for those looking to buy
and sell a home.

The site offers information for buyers and sellers on a variety of topics and
includes brief videos to illustrate examples.

You can also find handy tools like checklists for buyers and sellers and
mortgage calculators.


Contact Maria Mak @ 604.839.6368 or visit her websites or for all the premium professional real estate services and all the latest housing market updates. 



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