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Crowd Funding for World Poetry Fourth Peace and film Festival, Oct 1-26th!

Crowd Funding for World Poetry Fourth Peace and film Festival, Oct 1-26th!

By worldpoetry on August 14, 2014 - 11:42pm

This will be our 4th World Poetry International Peace Festival. We have been working hard to put an exciting program together for you!

To make this possible we are trying crowd funding for the first time this year. This gives everyone an opportunity to help, according to your means, and so contribute to world peace. Be sure to visit our IndieGoGo page:

This year, we have an exciting festival which includes for the first time a Peace and Human Rights Festival showcasing young filmmakers in Canada and around the world at the UBC Learning Exchange on Main Street. Other venues include the Simon K. Barber Learning Centre at UBC with a month long display and a communication hub, Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre, the Britannia Library (VPL) and the New Westminster Public Library.
The World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival is bringing together national and international poets, artists, filmmakers and local multicultural poetry groups. There will be a First Nations welcome, dignitaries, music, awards and dance along with an Opening Gala on October 19. Each selected international poet will present their poetry, launch a book, or read a paper. Local poetry and writers groups are also presenting. We are anticipating up to 350 people during the month. Due to great demand, we are planning to extend the festival for the month of October.
Fourth World Poetry Canada International Peace Festival Venues:
October 6-26. World Poetry festival display goes up at the, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre UBC Library. Six glassed in display cases and one 24 hour video feed. 400 World Poetry Peace Gift Poems will be available to the public. The staff has informed us that there will be 100,000 clients during the month of October. Display down October 26th. Partner logos may be displayed on the whiteboard wall.
October 1, Britannia Library World Poetry Display of peace poems. 75 gift poems will be available to the public during the festival month.
October 11. 1-3 pm World Poetry Vancouver opening at Britannia Public Library, VPL. Book launches, youth section, readings and features.
World Poetry display at the UBC Learning Exchange. 1 month display of Peace Posters and poems plus a banner or poster. 100 gift poems available to the public. New venue: World Poetry Writer’s Circle, a weekly venue which will also provide poems and support at the UBC Learning Exchange.
• October 19, Grand Opening 1-5 pm. Simon Fraser University, Harbour Centre. Awards, Readings, Book Launches and Entertainment.
• October 19, 7-9 pm Dinner and social time.
• October 22, 6:30-8:30 pm World Poetry Peace Poetathon Grand Celebration. Awards, World Poetry Night Out, 5th anniversary, New Westminster Public Library, New Westminster, BC
• October 25, closing: World Poetry Peace and Human Rights Film Festival, Awards and presentation, Q and A. UBC Learning Exchange 10:30am-9 pm. Due to demand, hours have been extended.

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