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"Our Little Switzerland"

"Our Little Switzerland"

By Richard Eriksson on April 16, 2004 - 11:57am

Derek Miller remembers Svend Robinson as the only Canadian federal politician he ever voted for and shares an inside joke on his weblog:

My wife and I have a jokey catchphrase about him: "Svend tables the cheese bill." Several years ago, Health Canada was floating the idea of banning unpasteurized cheeses (you know, the good kind) as a potential bacterial hazard. Svend made a point of opposing the idea, and small crusades like that are one reason he appeals to the people who live here.

He has also, I admit, had the luxury of never being in government, and thus never having had to implement his principles in policy. And we Burnaby residents have been able to claim Switzerland-like uninvolvement in federal scandals: "Eh, whatever, we voted for Svend." (Okay, it's a pretty activist little Switzerland, but all analogies break down somewhere.) But, in the end, the periphery is where he has made the best of himself.Penmachine (Derek K. Miller): "I have failed"

Derek then complains that another BC politician got off easy after a more serious criminal event:

I complained here in January 2003 that B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell should have stepped down when he was caught driving very drunk in Hawaii. He did not, and while he apologized and was obviously sad and contrite, I'm still puzzled that most voters forgave him so easily.Penmachine (Derek K. Miller): "I have failed"


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