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Hockey Canada Cup - Women's Tournament

By HockeyCup on August 17, 2009 - 5:07pm

Aug 31 2009 - 3:00pm
Sep 6 2009 - 10:00pm

The top four women’s hockey nations in the world – Canada, the United States, Sweden and Finland – will cool down summer in Vancouver when they hit the ice at GM Place for the 2009 Hockey Canada Cup


By bwcbruins9 on November 28, 2008 - 4:45pm

Nov 28 2008 - 5:39pm
Dec 21 2008 - 5:00pm

- Sunday, Dec 21, 2008
- Currently scheduled for: 3 PM to 5 PM
- We have the players for up to 5 hours therefore until 8 PM.
- The players are: Ryan Kesler, Taylor Pyatt, and Alex Burrows
- The prices are as follows: $30 per small item (photo, puck, card, etc) per player and $40 per large item (jersey, stick, equipment, etc).
There are deals in regards to pricing.
Purchase 3 small items for $75
Purchase 3 large items for $100
- Kids under 13 will receive a 20% discount with the purchase of 2+ items
- We will have pucks, 8 x 10 photos, and jersey numbers available at the signing for $5 a piece
- We have unsigned jerseys available to the public for $150 per available only by pre-order
- We will have a photographer on site to provide super quality photos for fans. The charge is $20 and includes one 8 x 10 sent in the mail along with a copy of the image sent via email.

In addition to all this we have the following items available through pre sale:
- Autographed jerseys of: Pyatt, Burrows, and Kesler for only $175 each (only 25 available)
- Autographed Dual 8 x 10 photo of Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows for only $45 (only 35 available)
- Autographed Limited Edition /100 8 x 10 photo signed by: Kesler, Bieksa, Burrows, Pyatt and potentially Demitra. The price will be $75 without Demitra and $90 with him.

Sick in the Guts - Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62

By uncleweed on April 7, 2008 - 10:38pm

{Note: Cross posted at and}

Returning from an ill-fated Mexican vacation in time to see the Canucks' meaningless season finale versus playoff bound Calgary Flames, Dave rambles on about a horrential bout of gut sickness and hanging at a beach bar in Bucerias while the Canucks imploded.

Wheelchaired and sedated, he arrived home to find the Nucks missing the playoffs, sending off Trevor Linden without a final win and shifting the team in
unknown directions with impending free agents, unclear strategy, and unproven prospects. Finally, Dave (comfy back in North Van) considers how the now-officially-official ownership might move forward before summoning Canucks heores of the future to step forth.

Download Sick in the Guts - Canucks Outsider hockey podcast #62 (.mp3, 50:26, 41MB)

Thank you, Trevor Linden

By samanthaorwell on April 6, 2008 - 12:12am

can we take a moment for Trevor Linden?

Wonderful man.

Video referees in Canucks games

By rightantler on October 5, 2007 - 9:10pm

Why would anyone believe for one minute that in a case where the on-ice referees have to go to a video replay and talk to folk back in Toronto, that Vancouver would ever get the decision?

Summertime Hockey Podcast - Swiss Dominate BC Floorball Challenge - Canucks Outsider #55

By uncleweed on July 12, 2007 - 10:47am

On a summer Saturday, Dave heads to the BC Floorball's Challenge Tournament o learn whassup with fast-paced indoor hockey sport and watch the Swiss Selects soundly defeat the Canadian Waveriders in an exhibition besides the 5-nation cup tournament. 

Vancouver Giants Day at City Hall - Canucks Outsider podcast #54

By uncleweed on May 31, 2007 - 8:16am

NOTE: Cross posted from - Home of the Canucks Outsider and more hockey culture. BC Floorball Challenge podcast coming soon!

At Vancouver City Halll, Mayor Sam proclaims May 29 as Vancouver Giants day to celebrate the Memorial Cup victory vs Medicine Hat Tigers and Dave O chats with Owner Pat Quinn, Giants Captain Brent Festerling, Coach Don Hay and listens to Ron Toigo thank the people and talk about Gordie Howe's reactions to the win. 

Also snippets with Memorial Cup MVP Milan Lucic and Canadian Gold Medalist Kendal Mcardle along with the usual politcal grandstanding and pompitude.

Topics include Gordie Howe's happiness and sadness, next year's Giants captain, best way to develop young hockey players, future Mem Cups in Vancouver, Pat Quinn's next job, Don Hay's secrets and predictions on future success.

Download Vancouver Giants Day at City Hall - Canucks Outsider #54 (.mp3, 26:40, 24MB)

Canucks Outsider Live Game 5 is here starting at about 5:30p.m. Pacific

By Roland Tanglao on May 3, 2007 - 4:11pm

To get in on the live chat go to

Alive for Game Five! Canucks Outsider Servin' it up Homestyle tonight

By uncleweed on May 3, 2007 - 3:07pm

Alive for Game Five!
Canucks Outsider Servin' it up Homestyle

May 3rd ~ 5:30PM PST ~

Roasting Ducks for Game 5

Mr. Furley and his cameras are heading to my confines in North Van for the impending Canucks win tonight - Game 5 pucks drops at 6PM PST so we'll try to fire up by 5:30 or so.

Same channels etc. and hopefully a solid stream and working chat for all three periods. 

World Hockey Championships - Division 3 Results - Ireland and Kiwis Advance, Mongolia yakked

By uncleweed on April 30, 2007 - 2:35pm

Cross posted from Hockey NW Group 3 World Hockey Championships - Ireland and Kiwis Advance, Mongolia yakked

Vancouver blogger Darren Barefoot was in Dublin pontifying to the people when he came across some hockey coverage of the World Championships, Div. 3 tournament. These are the (no offense to these stalwart players) bottom feeders of the hockey world and each year, two teams bump up a class and two from Div 2 bump to Div 1 where the thoroughbreads play.

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