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Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Reiki and Non Judgmental Communication

By Experience Nirvana on June 9, 2009 - 6:36pm

Heal your body and free your mind
With original ancient Tibetan singing bowl sound therapy

In ancient Tibet, sick people were treated with the sound of the singing bowls. The miraculous sound coming from bowls made of seven metals and the special music composed for the therapy were guarded secrets there until recent times. This knowhow reached Nepal in 1959 when the Tibetans left their country. Today, there are only few artists in Kathmandu pursuing this practice. Megha Ratna Shakya has just recently come to settle in Vancouver and he brought along with him this ancient knowledge in its original form.

Human body is made of innumerable cells. Each cell carries electrical energy. Each cell vibrates creating certain sound frequency. When a person is sick, there is imbalance in the sound frequency of the cells in the body and mind. The singing bowl balances the sound frequency rejuvenating the sick person’s body and mind. If you are suffering from stresses, pains and other difficulties, physical and mental, try out this sacred sound therapy used by sages and monks in monasteries. Megha provides this service with Reiki energy which also happened to have originated in Tibet.

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