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studio 58

Dogeaters at Studio 58 Langara until Saturday - a very brief review

By Roland Tanglao on October 12, 2007 - 12:29am

Dogeaters program in Dim Light - Image378

Dogeaters (a play based on a famous Filipino novel by Jessica Hagedorn) at Langara's fantastic Studio 58 is a must see if you are interested at all in the Philippines. And a bargain at less than $20! The play is unsettling, funny, melodramatic, corny, religious, profane, profound, and sacrilegious, and shows the seamy, corrupt side of the Filipino style of religion, military, politics, and nepotism. In short it mirrors my relationship to my Filipino heritage :-) And the flashbacks and parallels to Benigno Aquino and his life are uncanny and chilling.

Quibbles: accents were off, in particular the frequent mis-pronunciation of "lang" and "di ba" was grating. C'mon there are over 50,000 Canadians of Filipino heritage in Metro Vancouver, could we not have had at least one Filipino actor who could do the accent perfectly? Please? Next time?

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